HTC Could Be Out Of The US Tomorrow

There are many different companies which use Google’s Android mobile operating system on the smartphones, but Taiwanese company HTC is the world’s largest maker of Android phones. However the U.S. Trade Commission this tuesday will be ruling on HTC’s appeal back in July on a decision that the company’s Android phones violate two of Apple patents. While the two patents in question allow for smartphones to transmit important information such as the basic data, which includes phone numbers, applications, and contact information. While these are functions which are crucial to the operation of a smartphone, if the ruling goes in Apple’s favour Android may be in some trouble

These patents seem to be at the heart of nearly every Android device, and if HTC’s ruling goes bad for them, then all the other makers of Android devices may have to rethink things. The ruling could end up with a complete handset ban in the United STates for HTC which would see their massive 25% market share for all U.S. smartphones shrink down to nothing. Now there are other avenues Apple could follow instead of the outright ban, which include licensing the technology to HTC or sue for damages in the federal courts. As both of these look to be more profitable in the long run for HTC, it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. The six-panel cannot force any sort of pay damages on HTC but instead simply decides on the ruling, then Apple is put in into the driver’s seat.

Hopefully the ruling goes well tomorrow for HTC, as an outright ban during the busiest shopping period of the year would be disastrous to the company. Which I am sure is one reason their stock has hit a 17 month all-time low in the Asian markets today.

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[Via CNN Money]

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