Why Would Apple Reject Google Maps From The App Store?

The Guardian posted an article yesterday, saying their sources from Google were “not optimistic” that Apple would allow a dedicated Google Maps app for iOS. The app is apparently in development and should be ready by 2013, but “the sources say their plans are only proceeding in “the unlikely event” that Apple will choose to approve the app.”

Tim Cook’s apology doesn’t fit with Google’s fears.

Granted, all this doom and gloom is from Google’s staff, not Apple’s. There are already alternative Maps apps on the iTunes store, many of which make use of Google Maps’ APIs. We’ve featured several such apps in the past, including the halfway decent gMaps Browser and the very minimal ClassicMap app. Apple’s even suggested Google Maps’ web app as an alternative during Tim Cook’s Maps apology letter.

Not only that, there are still plenty of Google-developed apps in the App Store, such as Google Translate, Google+, and Google Search, many of which have received updates in the past. While Apple isn’t bundling competing services into iOS 6, it doesn’t seem that the company has been abusing their monopoly to outright block Google from their platform either, which it could do.

Over-zealously blacked out screenshots allegedly from the upcoming iOS version of Google Maps.

Not to mention the negative consequences that Apple would incur if they attempted to block Google Maps. CNET‘s op-ed mentions backlash in the form of “public outcry”, but if the app was blocked and the story hit the public, Apple could face consequences like the European Union’s antitrust suit against Microsoft over it’s ‘browser monopoly’.

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