An iOS 6.0 Bug Downloads Podcasts Multiple Times, Wastes Bandwidth

The general wisdom when waiting for a jailbreak is not to update to the newest firmware. If the developers spent over a month working on a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0, there’s a chance the progress they made won’t work on 6.0.1 or 6.1. So what happens when Apple releases an update that patches a serious bug in their software?

Can Apple’s software team catch a break? Another report of iOS 6.0 draining bandwidth.

According to the Public Radio Exchange Labs, iOS 6 had a serious bug in the Audio Playback Framework code that caused podcasts to be downloaded multiple times. This actually seems to be a system-wide bug in the way iOS 6.0 handles the type of downloads used for podcasts, making it much more wasteful than iOS 5.X. At first PRX was worried that there was a bug with their own show-specific apps, but they found iOS 6 itself was the culprit: The issue persisted not only in PRX’s own apps, but in Apple’s Podcast app as well.

The consequence wasn’t just for the hapless users who found their data bills higher than usual–it created a costly spike in bandwidth use for popular radio programs like This American Life. PRX believes that the problem was fixed in iOS 6.0.1–at least they were unable to reproduce the issue on the latest firmware.

On the other hand, The Next Web found anecdotal evidence of users on iOS 6.0.1 guzzling data from their carriers, despite the logs on their phones reporting far less data use, though not all of the users mention podcasts.

I wonder what percentage of This American Life’s podcast listeners use iOS… :P

When we do have a public jailbreak of iOS 6, I’m hoping it will be for a version that doesn’t waste precious bandwidth. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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