Facebook Phone Mock-Up Courtesy Of Jay Moon [IMAGES]

The New York Times recently posted an article on Facebook’s rumored in-house smartphone. While you may or may not buy the reasons for Facebook entering the smartphone market, you might be curious as to what a Facebook phone would look like. Jay Moon, a self-described 16 year-old UI designer, posted a mock up of a Facebook phone interface on Dribbble (an Instagram-like site for designers).

The Facebook phone home screen

The Facebook phone, as designed by Moon, features tight Facebook integration for friend requests, private messages, and notifications; even on the home screen and lock page. Moon’s Facebook phone looks like a fusion of iOS and Android UIs and liberal use of bokeh lighting effects for good measure. The icons for accessing different Facebook features were ripped from the old version of Facebook’s mobile app, which have since been abandoned for a list like interface.

Facebook Phone lock screen with persistent notification icons

If it were me designing the Facebook phone, I would have ripped of Facebook camera’s interface without looking back. Moon’s interface is interesting, but it looks like a pastel-coloured interface mod for an Android phone. The Update Status interface doesn’t mesh well with the phone’s keyboard. (Why is it not edge to edge? Why does it look totally different than everything else in the UI?) That said, it’s not a bad first attempt. I dig the persistent notification icons.

The Facebook phone mock-up's status update integration.

Would you like to see Jay Moon’s Facebook phone theme available as a mod on iOS? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    i would love to have a theme like that on dreamboard!!