Facebook Is Now Selling iTunes Gift Certificates, Right In Time For The Holidays

Remember the old Facebook gift shop, where you could send your friends a premium message with a gift box or a rose or another picture attached to it? Yeah, all in all, those had less value than buying ecards. Facebook’s stepping its feet into actual e-commerce, and is in the process of rolling out a Facebook Gifts service for things that people actually want. The latest partner to Facebook gifts is iTunes, as Facebook’s gift service now allows for iTunes gift certificates–along with recommendations for albums, movies, games, and apps.

Facebook Gifts

It takes a very special person to send a recommendation for the Twilight Saga.

I’m not sure if the conspicuous consumerism behind publicly posted gifts will be accepted or seen as distasteful, but the Facebook gifts service makes sense for certain products; it allows the friend receiving the gift to enter their delivery information, which can be handy for sending gifts to long distance friends.

For iTunes gift cards? It’s hard to say if there’s any real advantage behind sending an iTunes gift through Facebook instead of iTunes. iTunes already lets you send gift cards through email–and even allows you to send specific movies, songs, and apps.

Maybe it will save you the trouble of memorizing bad email names from the 90s, like sk8trfan99@hotmail.com. All you’d need to do is have your friend on facebook. There’s also the option to only have the store bill your account when the gift is accepted; but who would reject iTunes swag?

iTunes Holidays

The iTunes digital gifts come in $10, $15, $25, or $50 denominations, and are available now if you have access to Facebook gifts. 

Would you send iTunes gift cards through Facebook, or is this needless cross-platform integration? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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