Even Apple Is Not Immune To Supply Chain Shortages

Walking into your local Apple Store wanting to buy that brand new computer is always a great time. Apple Stores are designed to insure that the customer receives the best service available, and Apple makes sure that whatever product you want they will have. Having just the right amount of computers available to ensure they can sell them all, and not have boxes just sitting in their warehouse losing value is a great orchestra dance. Apple has such control of their supply chain, almost laser precision, it seems like they can adjust to almost anything.

Well it looks like one thing they haven’t been able to adjust for is the most recent shock in hard drive supply for the global economy. The recent flooding in Thailand have devastated the worldwide hard drive supply, wiping out thousands of hard drive factories. While many of Apple’s computers are still available with quick shipping options, it appears that custom built computers with hard drives of 2 terabytes seeing a much longer shipping time.

Now with this longer shipping estimates, it isn’t that bad, especially since it is just for those larger type of hard drives but it does show how no matter how precise, how much control you have on supply chains, some things are just beyond your control.

Have you noticed sharp price hikes in hard drives lately? Tell us in the comments below if you are waiting for them to go back down or a good sale price as these prices are there to stay for awhile.

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