Watch The Official Video For Apple’s New EarPods Earphones

Along with the announcement of the updated iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the brand spanking new iPhone 5, Apple also announced the new EarPods earphones. These new earphones look very different from current Apple earphones and are a significant improvement. They have a unique design, which intentionally “drives sound in to your ears”.

Apple has now uploaded the official announcement video for the EarPods on its website. I must say, these new earphones do look good and apparently they represent 3 years of engineering. Another important feature of the EarPods is that they will not fall off your ear easily and will fit a vast variety of ear sizes. As per the introduction video, the EarPods was individually tested on over 100 users with different ear sizes. The EarPods will be available online, starting today, for a price of $29 only. Watch the Apple EarPods video here.

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