Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Beta (Build 12D32) Released To Developers

Apple has some changes in the works for their desktop operating system, and they’ve released a beta version of those changes to developers today. Anyone who’s in the OS X developer network will now have access to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 (Build 12D32), effective sometime early this morning.

Download OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3

Beyond the build name that sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons damage statistic, there’s very little in the way of info included with the new beta release. No patch notes or change lists have been provided by Apple, but they’ve asked that developers pay particular attention Game Center, AirPort, AirPlay, and graphics drivers. Presumably Apple has made changes and/or improvements in those areas, though it’s not clear what they are.

There’s some speculation that the new version of Mountain Lion might contain updates that will open the door for iTunes 11 to finally show up. We’re expecting the new version of the music player to arrive in the next few weeks, and Apple may have some OS updates up their sleeve that will allow iTunes 11 integration to be as seamless as possible.

If you have a paid subscription to Apple’s OS X developer program, head on over to the Mac Dev Center now and grab the beta. If you’re a non-developer, you’ll have to hold tight until the 10.8.3 update becomes available to us regular schmoes.

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  • Andy

    It is great but where I can take direct link for download (without developer account)?