Don’t Miss Out Seeing This Nike+ FuelBand Inspired iWatch Concept Running iOS 7

We have seen a ton of iWatch concepts, but more or less, they all look the same… don’t you agree?

Well not this iWatch concept from Todd Hamilton. He has improved on a concept he released a few months back which is essentially a Nike+ FuelBand inspired design with a narrow touchscreen running “iWatch” optimized apps.


Todd elaborated on the design through his official blog:

I kept the band simple with a curved touchscreen display on the front. For physical controls I placed a single button on the left to act as the home button, and two more on the other side for volume controls.

For the lock screen I designed a simple black & white interface displaying the time, date, and button to activate Siri. From here the possible actions are: tap to use Siri, swipe up to unlock, or pull down to view notifications.

Believe it or not the concept even has a SpringBoard which shows up to four icons stacked vertically. You can even make phone calls, here’s how:

Despite the fact we have seen a ton of cool looking iWatch concepts this one takes the cake and is my favourite. Unfortunately, however, it is still probably technology that is off in the distance. What do you think? Would you buy an iWatch if it look like this?

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  • Harry

    I would buy this

  • Jonathan

    Apple, please use this.

  • Randal Graves

    so would i

  • Dee

    This shit is hot

  • don

    i would buy this as well for sure