How Do Not Disturb Mode Could Implement Alerts While Your Device Is Still In Use [Video]

A few days ago we brought to your attention a great concept by Sentry (the mastermind behind Auxo) for iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb functionality. For those that missed it, essentially it allowed you to easily enable Do Not Disturb Mode on the fly through the Notification Center by using a simple pull down gesture, like when you want to push for new Mail in the mail app in iOS 6.

Now Sentry has come up with another concept for how notifications could be handled while you are using your iOS device with Do Not Disturb Mode enabled. As you can see in the animated gif below, when you receive an alert it will be displayed no-obtrusively in the status bar. This way, you will still be able to see any new alerts while Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled and decided whether it is worth replying to or not.

Do Not Disturb Mode Silent Alert Concept

All-in-all I think it is a great idea. The ideas coming from Sentry right now are wonderful, hopefully someone recognizes his talent and gives him a job *cough* *cough* Apple. You can take a look at his idea in more depth in the official video embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

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  • Yarin Suissa

    sounds and looks awesome.
    but the question is – how will it handle big notifications.
    like big SMS/MMS, a facebook/twitter/whatever notification or maybe even email.
    how will you make it stay elegant and yet give the user enough information to know WTH the notification is about.

  • Ryley Lamarsh

    Sillyness. Just have the little moon flash or glow for notifications.