This New Concept Brings Live App Tiles And Widgets To iOS [VIDEO]

Apple users have been using the same old homescreen and app icons for over 5 years now. The iOS homescreen on the iPhone has been the same since its launch in 2007. Even Android has similar elements on their homescreen, but thankfully they also have widgets. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone interface with the Modern UI, the live tiles is something new and intuitive. So what would happen if you added all of those elements to iOS?

Of course, there are jailbreak tweaks that let you add widgets and adjustable icons to your homescreen, but concept videos are always fun. Here’s a new concept video from Max Rudberg¬†(via TNW), who imagines live tiles, adjustable app icons and widgets on iOS. We’ve seen similar videos before, but this is new.

I for one would really like live app tiles and adjustable icons on my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. They’d be great on the iPad or iPad Mini, you know, as they have large screen estate. Max Rudberg is a visual and user interface designer and believes that the live tiles and adjustable app icons will make iOS more ‘engaging’ and ‘useful’. Right you are sir! What do you think?

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  • Prisanto Dimas Jayaputra


  • 808Chris

    I totally agree. I think the same iOS will be the downfall of Apple mobile products. For example, I can’t live without bitesms because of how the stock message app lacks any real innovation. Those who use bitesms know what I’m saying. Apple does have great hardware, for the most part, but the software needs the same innovation as the hardware. Luckily, innovation is coming from jailbreaking, and, if Apple is smart, they should utilize the very popular tweaks from the jailbreaking community in there future updates. If not, the competition will pass them by. I for one would rather buy a Honda with a Ferrari motor than a Ferrari with a Honda motor. That being said, Windows 8 looked amazing on the phone, not sure I will update my pc just yet though, and with the right hardware will give Apple a run fo their money… with the right hardware.

  • Adam

    I really wish something like this could be implemented, but I understand why it’s not. As a developer, the #1 thing you look at when making apps is memory usage and battery life (I suppose after functionality and crashing, but minor details :-) ), and I would guess that tiles like these would reduce the iPhone’s battery life by up to about 15 or 20 percent. I wish it weren’t true, but things like having constant data pulls for weather and email, as well as keeping that many subviews open like the one for the clock app, would use a horrendous amount of memory, not only sacrificing battery life, but the performance of other apps as well.

  • Michael Scott Allen

    I really wish people would stop trying to make iOS look and work like Android or Windows Phone. It’s obviously not what iOS users want.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah going too windows 8 phone becuas i want live tiles