CES 2013: Most Talked About Products And Brands In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

This years CES introduced a lot of new products and technology to the world. Some of the most notable ones came from Nvidia, Sony and Samsung. So, what were the most talked about products and brands in social media during CES 2013? Let’s find out.

Saleforce Marketing Cloud has released an infographic that shows the most talked about gadgets/companies at CES 2013. This infographic is based on the tweets sent out during the event. It was not only gadgets and brands that were present at CES this year, there were plenty of celebrities as well. SMC collected information on all the social media chatter that took place at the convention center to find out what were the most talked about gadgets, brands and celebrities.

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The 5 most talked about gadgets during CES 2013 were the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV, Razor Edge, Nvidia Shield and Ford Applink 2013. The Xperia Z is a marvelous smartphone and is indeed something you can talk about a lot. Samsung was the most talked about brand, thanks to its display of bendable displays, 4K TV, Exynos Octo 5 processor etc. Remember, all this data comes from Twitter tweets, mentions and hashtags. There was a total of 927,190 mentions of CES and 1268 total mentions of the word ‘Phablet’.


Other brand mentions also included Sony, Google, LG, Qualcomm, Apple, Intel and more. There were also mentions of celebrities such as 50 Cent, Maroon 5 and will.i.am. If you noticed, NokiaUS received a lot of retweets and Apple got about 15-18,000 mentions. Apple and Nokia didn’t announce anything at CES, still people talked about these companies.

What was your favorite gadget/product from CES 2013?

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  • Jack

    mine was that xbox thing that projected into your room