This Is The Best iWatch Concept Ever, Has LTE, FaceTime, GPS, Siri And More [IMAGES]

We’ve seen plenty of Apple watch concepts, most of them named iWatch and carrying similar features. Rumors about Apple venturing in to wearing computing tech is nothing new. The previous generation iPod Nano could be worn on your wrist with the help of third-party accessories. So, what if Apple decides to actually make an iWatch, that does more than just play your music and tell you how much to run?


This new iWatch concept comes from designer Pavel Simeonov and is probably the best iWatch design ever. It is a little big, but who cares, it has LTE, GPS, FaceTime and everything that an iPhone has. He even made a whole page just for the iWatch, in true Apple fashion. The iWatch has a full multi-touch, 16:9 2.5-inch IPS display that is curved to fit around your arm. Each piece of the wristband is a battery, which gives the iWatch a slim body. One of the pieces also houses the FaceTime camera, microphone and speaker.


Other specifications of the iWatch include, an accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, body sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless charging. You twist your arm and the iWatch instantly tells you your location, the weather and places nearby. There’s Siri to help you with your problems, there’s turn-by-turn navigation for when you get lost and there’s plenty more. And thanks to the nano SIM tray and LTE capabilities, you can get lightning fast internet anywhere you are.


This thing is pure beauty, plus you can customize using colored wristbands of your choice. The wired EarPods have been traded for wireless AirPods. If Apple made an iWatch, this is what it would like, but I really doubt if they’d put all the above mentioned features. The iWatch connects your iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 and shows notifications on the watch.

What do you think of this iWatch concept? Do you believe Apple would release such a device this year? Would you buy one?

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  • Gareth Lee Bateson

    I would buy one maybe more than one aswell lol