Watch The Banned iOS 6 Maps Ad [VIDEO]

You upgraded to iOS 6 thinking you would use the most beautiful mapping service ever created, but it was all a lie. Of course if you’re living in the United States, you might have a slightly better experience than people who live overseas, but the general consensus of the iOS 6 maps app has been bad.

Banned iOS 6 Maps Ad

Even Google thinks this move by Apple was a bad one; ditching Google Maps to build their own Mapping app. Tim Cook even had to write an apology letter to iOS 6 users and ask them to use alternatives while they fix the app.

If you want to know what’s been really happening to people using the iOS 6 maps app, then you need to watch the Banned iOS 6 Maps Ad. It’s the real deal, watch it below:

You have to be really careful when using the new Maps app in iOS 6 or you might end up under a bridge too… Just kidding of course. Now let’s wait for Google to release a standalone iOS Maps app and take things back to how they were before Apple Maps, and before super heroes started getting lost.

Don’t worry though, Apple Maps will get better and improve with time.

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  • Jack Desmond

    This is dumb. Why is it banned? It’s a stupid video trying to be funny and failing at doing so. Now, if the dude had gotten shot in the head and his brains splattered about in a graphic way, something like that I could see that it might be banned. As for iOS Maps, it works just fine all over California. I get that it might not work as well in other places, but honestly, why the fuuuq should I care? Both iOS Maps and Google Maps work great.