Ashton Kutcher Spotted As Steve Jobs While Walking To “Jobs: Get Inspired” Set [PICTURES]

Ashton Kutcher, the 34-year-old “Two and a Half Men” star was recently caught by TMZ in full character walking to the set of “Jobs: Get Inspired” in L.A. on Friday. He was spotted wearing Steve Jobs trademarked outfit that consists of blue jeans, a black turtleneck and New Balance running shoes.

As you can see Ashton Kutcher really seems to be getting into character, but the question remains whether or not Kutcher can break away from his comedic backgrounds and play the role of a very complicated man. What are your thoughts on these shots snagged of Kutcher? Do you think he was the right man for the job? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below…

Note: This movie should not be confused with the biopic being created by Sony, based of Walter Isaacson’s official biography, which is called “Steve Jobs: The Movie.”

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  • Michael Schnier

    He actually does look a lot like Steve Jobs did in the 80s… except he’s wearing Job’s clothes from 20 years later.

  • Evan Clark

    This should really test his abilities as an actor. Going from a a comedic background to a serious role as Jobs will be challenging

  • Gooch

    he’s wearing asics…

  • Michael Scott Allen

    I actually gained a lot of respect for Mr. Kutcher’s acting ability when I saw Butterfly Effect. Sure it wasn’t a great movie, but I honestly think he was the only reason it worked at all. Yeah, I think he can not only pull this off, I think he’s going to be great.