Apple’s Chairman Art Levinson Says It’s ‘Weird’ Running Apple Without Steve Jobs

It has been almost 16 months since Steve Jobs passed away, leaving Apple in Tim Cook’s hands. Apple’s Chairman, Art Levinson, was interviewed at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where he openly spoke about life at Apple after Steve Jobs among other things. According to him, it’s ‘weird’ running Apple’s board of directors without Steve!


Art Levinson has been the Chairman of Apple and on its board of directors since 2000 and was a very close friend of Steve Jobs’.

Apple has continued to deliver new products every year and is still making a lot of profit, but some say that the company is losing its touch. It’s not the same without Steve Jobs and people at the company still miss him. Levinson says that he still misses the presence of Steve Jobs whenever he walks into the board room.

“I’m still not to the point where I walk into that board room and don’t miss Steve. He was a one-of-a-kind guy… The Steve Jobs in the public eye was not, for the most part, the Steve Jobs that I knew.”

Art Levinson

Steve Jobs was indeed a great personality who revolutionized the technology industry in a big way. Levinson also spoke about Apple’s earnings, stating that they had had a ‘phenomenal’ year in profits. However, the investors thought differently and Apple’s stock took a beating. He also spoke of the board members’ role in the announcements of new products. They don’t really play an important part when it comes to new products. They’re usually shown the product about 6-18 months before its launch and don’t get a say on its specifications.

“The board is not there to define product specs. It’s there as a sounding board. It’s there as a resource. And ultimately, the board is there to hire and fire the CEO.”

So yeah, Apple isn’t the same without Steve Jobs. Yes, Tim Cook has been doing pretty well, but not everyone is convinced. A movie based on Steve Jobs’ life titled ‘jOBS’ is scheduled to be released on April 19th. Do you miss Steve Jobs?

[Via Fortune]

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