Apple’s Touch ID Losing Accuracy Over Time?

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s, comes with a Touch ID sensor allowing users to use their fingerprints as security measures in unlocking their phone or purchasing an app on the App Store.


This type of technology is advanced and deserves good recognition as implementing it into something so compact such as a phone is impressive. However, when this technology starts to show a few glitches and fails to perform as expected, questions are raised at whether this technology is perfected enough for consumer devices.

According to some iPhone 5S users, the accuracy of  the Touch ID sensor degrades over time, forcing them to constantly have to re-calibrate their fingerprint scanners and/or use their traditional password input method to get things done. Apple’s support forums are filled with issues concerning the matter.

Some users found a temporary fix by re-scanning their fingerprints and unlocks just fine but only lasts a couple of hours.

Though we do not know what is the cause of this problem, whether it is a hardware or a software problem, Apple should really look into this matter as some users are being frustrated over this issue and are starting to lose confidence in their iDevice.

Maybe it is just a user error where oily fingers are used to unlock or when you saved your fingerprints, you used different parts that you are now not using to scan on your sensor thus the hardware/software malfunction.

If you own an iPhone 5S, have you been experiencing this issue with the Touch ID, or is it as good as the day you unboxed it?

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  • Dylan

    I’ve had a few occasions where my touch ID has failed to even attempt to read my fingerprints. Aside from that though, it’s been nearly perfect in my experience.

  • Jimbo54321

    I’m to poor to afford an iPhone 5S.