Apple’s Map App Finally Gets Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation In Australia

With the introduction of Apple’s own Maps app in iOS 6, users finally received turn-by-turn voice navigation. Well, the feature was only available in select countries and still is. Australia was supposed to get this feature in October, but it was delayed until November. And now, users in Australia can finally enjoy turn-by-turn voice guided navigation on Apple Maps.

According to 9to5Mac, several users in Australia have reported that the turn-by-turn functionality has be switched on by Apple. It seems to be working fine for most, but still shows wrong street names and locations for some.

Apple iOS 6 Maps Get Turn-By-Turn Directions In Australia

Apple’s iOS 6 Maps have been under fire ever since its release. They aren’t as good as they were advertised to be and don’t work in most international locations. CEO Tim Cook had posted an open letter to iOS 6 users apologizing for the frustration and trouble it has caused. They are working to make Maps better. Meanwhile, Nokia just announced a new mapping platform called ‘HERE’, which will also be coming to iOS with complete voice navigation, POI and more.

To try out the new turn-by-turn functionality, simply launch iOS 6 Maps apps and enter the location where you want to navigate to. The new feature should be available automatically.

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