Apple’s iWatch Is Likely Going To Be Much Simpler Than Anticipated

We have been hearing a lot of rumors lately about proposed iWatch functionality, but you may be disappointed to hear that the iWatch is apparently going to be a lot simpler than expected.


According to a recent report by MobiHealthNews Apple is putting a lot of effort into the iWatch. It has over 200 people working on the project, which suggests it will be a major product launch for the company and will be more than just a hobby device. Reportedly many of these hires are people which Apple has lured away from well-known medical and health sensor companies like Masimo and Philips.

So what about that disappointing news?

Well an anonymous source told MobiHealthNews that the iWatch will not be a standalone device and initially won’t pack as much functionality as analysts and the media is predicting. The iWatch will require a connection to the iPhone in order to function and will be more like a fitness band than a smart watch.

It was stated that the reason it will be limited in functionality is because Apple is designing the device so it won’t run into troubles with getting FDA approval, so that it can be pushed to the market as soon as possible.

Apple will also release a standalone app according to MobiHealthNews called Healthbook which will serve as a repository for health and fitness information, along with limited data analysis. It’s focus areas will be exercise, sleep, diet and medicine management. The device will be aimed at consumers so won’t offer much in terms of fitness data analysis.

As such it is safe to say that the first generation iWatch won’t have a focus on extraordinary features like glucose monitoring, but rather simply be a small step above current generation fitness trackers. It will be future generations where we will see advanced medical sensors and other functionalities.

Would you still be interested in the iWatch if it was an over glorified Fitbit?

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  • El Gallo

    Personally I wouldn’t buy into an iWatch, although I could be called an apple fanboy. Personally I wait out for the second gen of an apple product to see how functional and useful it will be to me.

    Specifically in this case it would have to be superior in the functions and data gathering than a basis B1 band, which I currently own. Which is independent of an Android or iDevice to function.