Apple Updates MacBook Pro Lineup: Processor, Graphics And Storage Increased

Apple seems to be progressing quietly and smoothly after its iPhone 4S and iOS 5 launch. You see, Apple today updated its MacBook Pro lineup without any mention of this update. This news was leaked earlier today by 9to5mac.

MacBook Pro
Note: This is a minor refresh with only a slightly faster processor, better graphics and bigger storage space. These updated MacBook Pros are being offered at the same price.

13-inch MacBook Pro:

  • Processor: Processor options increased from 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 and 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 to 2.4GHz and 2.8GHz options.
  • Storage: Hard drive options increased from 320GB and 500GB to 500GB and 750GB.

MacBook Pro 13 inch

  15-inch MacBook Pro:

  • Processor: Processor has increased from 2.0GHz and 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 to 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz.
  • Storage: The previous 500GB hard drive running at 7200 rpm has been increased to a 750GB drive at the same speed.
  • Graphics: Graphics have been improved from 6750M to the low-end configuration with 512MB of memory and given the high-end configuration a Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB of memory.


MacBook Pro 15 inch



17-inch MacBook Pro:

  • Processor: In terms of processor, the 17-inch MacBook Pro has been increased from 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 with a 2.3GHz to 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz.
  • Graphics: Graphics have also been slightly improved from AMD Radeon 6750M with 1GB of memory to the Radeon HD 6770M, also with 1GB of memory.
  • Storage: Same as in the 15-inch MacBook Pro, the 17-inch has been increased from 500GB hard drive running at 7200 rpm, and has been bumped to a 750GB drive at the same speed.

MacBook Pro 17 inch

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