Apple Teases The Next-Generation Mac Pro With New Commercial [VIDEO]

At the WWDC 2013 Apple gave us a sneak peak at the new Mac Pro that will be assembled in the U.S. and it has been recently teasing the new tower more and more. It was actually spotted being advertised in movie theatres last week and now the same clip has been uploaded to YouTube.

The commercial doesn’t really reveal much about the new Mac Pro, it simply showcases the tower at various angles along with some dramatic music to get you hyped up for its launch.

If the clip looks familiar it is because it is the same one Tim Cook showcased at the WWDC 2013.

The tagline of the video reads “The future of the pro desktop. Coming this fall.”

Mac Pro Size

The new Mac Pro will be only slightly larger than a roll of paper towels

The new Mac Pro is going to be dramatically smaller than its predecessor and apparently 2.5x faster. It is expected to house a 12-core Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro GPUs, and PCIe flash storage among other things.

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    How about no? You’re stuck having to pay insane amounts for an unupgradable pot…. and given how apple charge out the ass for at-sale upgrades….. ew.