Apple Is At The Top For Best Computer Tech Support, It Even Beat Its Score From Last Year

Consumer Reports, the magazine people turn to in order to find out what other consumers think about all sorts of products and services, has just announced that Apple has taken the top spot in computer tech support again. It beat out all other computer manufactures and even received a better score than it got last year.

The fruit company scored higher than other major companies for the elements that make for successful online and phone support: ease of contacting staff, clarity of advice, technical knowledge, patience, and time for follow-up.

It was reported that Apple’s in-house technical support service, the Genius Bar, was rated as high as support provided by phone or online. In general Apple was able to solve more computer problems than any other manufacture.

Apple Takes The Top Spot For Best Computer Tech Support

With Apple in the lead, there is a lot of areas that other manufactures can improve upon. It was stated “24 to 40 percent of respondents who sought phone or online help from makers of Windows-based computers said the staff’s patience, knowledge, or clarity was fair at best.”

So, not only does Apple make some of the best computers in the world, but their support is top-notch as well. If you are looking to buy a new computer in the near future, keep this in mind.

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