Apple Stores, The Banks Of Today…

Apple Retail Stores are becoming the banks of today, what I mean by that is Apple products are now being stolen just like how banks were robbed back in the day. Within the last year about 10 Apple Stores have been targeted and had their entire showcase of iOS devices and Macs were stolen.

A few days ago in the Apple Retail Store in Boulder, Colorado had been broken into and had its $100,000 glass entrance door smashed into pieces. The estimated price of the stolen Apple products are valued $63,000, which is actually less than the glass vandalized. All it took for the man in a hoodie to crack the glass was three rocks.
Apple Stores Are Becoming The Banks Of Today

Many believe Apple should actually protect their products more, recently the company has filed a patent which was supposed to let a user test the devices freely, but not take the products out of the store.

It is actually quite easy for Apple to track their products, as soon as the stolen items are switched on and connected to a network or WiFi source, they will be able to deactivate the devices and instantly track it, a bit like Apple’s Find My iPhone. Colorado law allows ex-users of the devices to get it back of Apple, even if they did not know that their products were stolen at the time. Have you ever actually used Find My iPhone to track your lost or stolen products? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Tre

    I use a combination of find myIphone & I got u pro. I know find myIphone isn’t enough because once they turn the device off it’s unable to track it. (Look out is also 1 for non-jailbroken phones. That’s an oxymoron itself) Then you have I got u pro this is my favorite for your apple devices. I wanted to test it so I actually had a friend take mine unsuspecting & it worked like a charm. He couldn’t turn it off & it took pictures of him trying to turn it off & it also sent me messages to an alternate phone to let me know what was going on. My wife sent me messages by way of my ipad. It has a lot of options & you really don’t need anything else once you have it.