Apple Stores To Carry Nest Learning Thermostats [Rumor]

Apple will be selling the Nest Learning Thermostat through the Apple Store, according to a rumor from iLounge. Although iLounge doesn’t specify a source, this rumor is not implausible. Nest’s CEO is Tony Fadell, who was the former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod devision. The Nest even looks like something Apple’s labs would cook up, with a rotating metal ring around a circular glass screen. According to the rumor, the Nest will retail at the Apple Store for $249, the same price as it appears on Nest’s online store.

Would this thermostat look out of place beside a MacBook?

The Apple Store is also a fitting retail outlet for the Nest Learning Thermostat because it’s compatible with so many of Apple’s other products. In addition to the Nest’s iPod reminiscent clickwheel interface, there are various methods of remote control. Any computer, such as a Macbook, can adjust Nest’s programmed schedule. Nest also has an app for the iPhone and iPad (as well as Android devices). If go on a trip and forget to turn your thermostat off, you change the settings with your phone.

It’s still a little odd to imagine walking into an Apple Store to buy a thermostat. It’s current retailer is Lowes, a home improvement store, and would sell against other smart thermostats. When I think of the Apple Store, I think of computers, audio equipment, and iPad cases. But the Apple Store already sells some odd-ball items: baby monitors, a cooking thermometer, and a smart blood pressure monitor that hooks up to the iPad.

It's even compatible with the iPhone.

If the Nest were available in an Apple Store, would that make you more likely to buy it? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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