Apple Could Hold The Key To End Google’s Mobile Search Dominance

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, and Microsoft’s Bing (which has been gradually increasing its user base since June 2009) are proving to be a serious threat to Google.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt acknowledged this before a senate subcommittee investigating Google’s dominance in internet searches. He claimed Apple’s new virtual assistant Siri was a “significant development”, that could be a threat to Google.

Apple’s Siri is a significant development–a voice-activated means of accessing answers through iPhones that demonstrates the innovations in search.¬†Google has many strong competitors and we sometimes fail to anticipate the competitive threat posed by new methods of accessing information.

Eric Schmidt

Google currently occupies 97% of mobile search queries, from which 2/3 of these queries are from iOS devices. You can probably already imagine the impact that Siri could have on Google’s mobile search engine dominance if Apple decided to use Bing for Siri tasks instead of Google.

With this being said, it is now up to Google to think of a strategy to protect itself from Siri and Bing. As it could very well be a possibility that Apple turns to Bing for Siri related tasks in the near future.

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  • Lori Sodd

    Microsoft and Google are going to be the mains in the future, that is a given…. apple is slowly falling behind but who knows if they can pull it together they can be their with Micro and Google….. If so Micro will dominate the gaming world, google the search world and apple the mobile world………… Microsoft’s worst nightmare would be if Nintendo decided to get involved in the game, they would either make their own or join Google or Apple and make gaming and social the best thing that ever happened….Micro is backed by allot of money so they can afford to make so mistakes but Google is fierce, Apple is fierce enough….. In the end it is Google that is balancing the two worlds… If Nintendo worked with them I think Micro and Apple would join even if it was for a short time before they erupt apart like Apple and Google has done… The fact is Google knew that Apple’s Siri was going to drop about 60% of its sales… So Android was needed, a Phone that would keep Google

    s searchers… So many outside factors could come into play….sadly not many for Micro… But they have nice money to make up for it, Apple would need to focus on the same thing Bingo would need to focus on…something google has long perfected…Creating a great search engine , Google is laying out it’s corners of the world it wants and is aiming to pull them all together in a master plan to dominate social media… Micro so far is pulling the same card… Apple is a little late in the game but they are on the highlights of social media so far….. Either way these three are going to be the companys of social medias future