Apple Seeds iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 To Developers With Lockscreen Bypass Bug Fix

Apple has just released the iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 firmware to developers today, that is actually an update on the initial iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 firmware that was seeded to developers with bug fixes for the Maps application for Japan. As Apple went on to releasing both iOS 6.1.1 for the iPhone 4S and iOS 6.1.2 for all iOS devices to fix various bugs, the fruit company had to rename iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 to iOS 6.1.3 beta 2.

This particular iteration fixes the lockscreen bug that we reported about, which allowed users to bypass a password protected device and access the phone app. It of course will also likely patch the iOS 6.x Untethered Evasi0n Jailbreak that has remained untouched in iOS 6.1.2.

Apple Seeds iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2

The entire changelog for iOS 6.1.2 can be found below…

iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 includes a security fix for a Lock screen bug and the following improvements to Maps for Japan:

  • Improved pronunciation of roads during turn-by-turn navigation
  • Optimized directions to more strongly prefer highways over narrower roads
  • Now indicates upcoming toll roads during turn-by-turn navigation
  • Added labels for junctions, interchanges, on-ramps, off-ramps, and intersections
  • Added indicators for transit station buildings, subway lines, and traffic lights
  • Updated freeway color to green
  • Updated icons for some location categories including fire stations, hospitals, and post offices Added 3D buildings including Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Tower

You can download iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 from the iOS Dev Center if you are a registered developer. Let us know if you find anything else interesting in the comments section below.

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