Could The Rumored Apple iWatch Be A Television?

We have been hearing a lot of rumors that Apple is developing an iWatch over the last few months. In fact, Samsung has even been rumored to be working on a watch in response to all of the iWatch rumors.

Now a rumor is going around that the iWatch is actually a T.V. Just think about it, a British broadcasting company has already taken the name iTV, and when you watch something you most likely watch something on some sort of display. Therefore the name ‘iWatch’ for an Apple smart T.V. would actually make much more sense.

Apple's Rumored iWatch Could Actually Be A Television

Apple iTV Concept

A writer at Benzinga compared that revelation to the twist endings of an M. Night Shyamalan film.

“The iWatch was a clever ruse,” he said. “It wasn’t really a watch at all.”

There is only one fault with this rumor, maybe the iWatch was just a product name made up by bloggers, no one from inside of Apple has actually confirmed that this s0-called ‘watch’ will be named ‘iWatch’, neither has anyone inside Apple confirmed the company is actually making a ‘watch’. Come to think of it, iWatch does sound much better when it is thought of as a television…

What are you thoughts, will there be an Apple Watch or is the ‘iWatch’ the rumored Apple iTV, we would love to hear about your thoughts on this!

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  • luksky

    I never thought of the rumored iWatch as a TV! With the continuing evolution of Siri, I can easily envision a voice-controlled remote, USB3, WiFi, and all the other things that go with smart TV. Now there is a product I would be interested in! I have no interest in playing with my watch all day, squinting in the sunlight on a too-small screen. If this new product cannot be called iTV, maybe AppleTV, or, iSmartTV, or whatever. Let’s hope this rumor is more than just a rumor.