Apple Could Release Two iWatch Models: One For Men And One For Women

According to a new report from David Hsieh of DisplaySearch Apple is currently looking into releasing the iWatch in two sizes: a 1.3-inch model for women and a 1.7-inch model for men. This lines up with previous reports that Apple is testing multiple screen sizes.

Hsieh actually has a pretty good track record in predicting Apple’s future plans and has been right in his predictions regarding the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 3.

iWatch Concept With iPhone

Although it is true that splitting a product release into two distinct gender offerings is certainly a departure from how Apple usually does things, wearables is a completely new category. It would certainly make sense for Apple to release an iWatch in two offerings because watches for men and women are often differentiated by their size. As Unwiredview puts it “if Apple decides to launch separate iWatch models for men and women, it will simply be following the lessons learned during the centuries of traditional watchmaking.”

In regards to whether or not the iWatch will feature a flexible display the Korea Herald chimed in and stated:

It is yet to be confirmed whether the displays will be flexible but sources said it was a possibility, since Apple will want to upstage Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

In order to include a flexible display it would require Apple to utilize OLED technology, which multiple sources have already claimed Apple will do. OLED has multiple benefits compared to LCD technology that includes deeper blacks, is thinner and lighter and requires less power.

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