Apple Has A Dedicated Room Just For Testing Product Packaging

An Apple user will know what the title holds good for. If you have ever owned an Apple product, you probably know how much detailing goes in to every aspect of it, including the packaging that it comes in. People actually look for Apple product unboxing videos and pictures on the Internet. The product packaging, like the product itself goes through a testing stage.


According to NetworkWorld, who recently received a copy of Adam Lashinsky’s ‘Inside Apple’ book, a lot more goes inside the Apple headquarters than just designing the products, creative talks etc. The book also reveals information about a room in Apple’s Cupertino building, that is used just for testing out the product packaging and unboxing. The company puts a lot of effort in to that aspect too.

One after another, the designer created and tested an endless series of arrows, colors, and tapes for a tiny tab designed to show the consumer where to pull back the invisible, full-bleed sticker adhered to the top of the clear iPod box. Getting it just right was this particular designer’s obsession.

What’s more, it wasn’t just about one box. The tabs were placed so that when Apple’s factory packed multiple boxes for shipping to retail stores, there was a natural negative space between the boxes that protected and preserved the tab.

Designers are assigned to take care and overlook the entire procedure of getting the perfect packaging for a product. The product has to be beautiful and elegant from both the outside and the inside. After all, before you get to the product, you have to go through the unboxing. And if the unboxing isn’t simple and pleasant, then the product inside won’t be either. Have you kept your beautiful boxes for the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook etc? Let us know in the comments section below..

[via MacRumors]

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