Apple Fixes Smart App Banner Bug Which Enabled JavaScript Without Your Permission In iOS 6.1

Back in December of 2012 we told you about a JavaScript bug that had to do with Apple’s new smart app banners that essentially allow developers to promote their applications when you visit their website in a banner that looks native. The bug had to do with the fact that these banners could bypass your JavaScript settings, enabling it automatically if you manually disabled JavaScript.

Although you might be thinking to yourself, JavaScript is used by almost every website to make a rich web experience, with JavaScript enabled it also opens you up to detailed tracking that has the potential to tell advertisers personal information about you. For people who prefer to keep JavaScript disabled this is actually a pretty serious bug.


Now AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has fixed the bug in iOS 6.1, which is confirmed by visiting the Apple support webpage regarding iOS 6.1 security enhancements. The release notes read:

Description: If a user disabled JavaScript in Safari Preferences, visiting a site which displayed a Smart App Banner would re-enable JavaScript without warning the user. This issue was addressed by not enabling JavaScript when visiting a site with a Smart App Banner.

Apple actually fixed a number of other security problems in iOS 6.1 and it is definitely worth upgrading to. Especially because in a week or so there will be an Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 available to the masses from the Evad3rs.

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