Apple opening two retail stores in Canada

Canada based Apple fanatics will be pleased to know that Apple is planning on opening two new retail stores to enhance your shopping experience. Ontario is the region where the Cupertinos is opening two new stores which will undoubtedly please the folks located there.

One of the two stores will open in the Conestoga Mall in Waterloo while other will stand tall in the Mapleview Centre in Burlington. Unfortunately, no opening date has been provided yet but hey what we know is now we have two more spots from where we can get iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other Apple product.

Currently, the Cupertinos have a total of 19 retail stores in Canada, seven of which are based in Ontario. Will you pay a visit to one or both of these stores when they are open for sale?

[via TNW]

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  • James00

    Sweet news for us in the Hamilton/Burlington area.

    Wasn’t there an Apple store in Limeridge Mall at one point?

  • Tcatcrb

    how about opening one outside of the GTA…. like the Barrie area

  • Tcrowns

    At least 1 Apple store in every Province but Saskatchewan/Maritimes WTF?