Apple Loses Against Samsung In Japan Over Music And Video Syncing Patent

According to Rueters, Samsung has won a patent suit against Apple in Tokyo, Japan. Apple had filed a case against Samsung, stating that their devices violated a music and video syncing patent. However, the Tokyo court has cleared Samsung of all charges and has stated that it doesn’t violate the said patent.

Apple Loses Music And Video Syncing Patent Against Samsung

Samsung just got out of a long and crucial battle with Apple, and the results were in favor of the latter. Sammy was found guilty of violating many Apple patents, including designs, and was asked to pay a fine of over $1 billion. Apple has also appealed for a complete U.S Sales ban on 8 of Samsung’s mobile devices. Amongst all that, this victory will probably make Samsung a little happy. Here’s their official statement on the win, given to AllThingsD:

“We welcome the court’s decision, which confirmed our long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property. We will continue to offer highly innovative products to consumers, and continue our contributions towards the mobile industry’s development.”

Well, it looks like Samsung is getting ready to fight back. In an internal memo released after Apple’s big win, Sammy stated that they will not stop fighting. Also, recently it has been revealed that Samsung will sue Apple on LTE based patents, if the next-generation iPhone comes with LTE. The war shall never end!

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