Apple’s iWatch Versus Google Glass, Which One Is More Appealing To You? [COMIC]

During the next few years one trend that we are sure to see come at us at full force will be wearable computing. Last year we started to see the trend gain popularity and now it is all around us. Just take a look at how many smart watches are being funded on websites like KickStarter. Or, take Google’s Glass for example, a product that has taken years of development, that should be out later this year.

If you have been paying attention to the rumor mill lately you will also realize Apple has been widely predicted to be released what some are calling the 5th pillar to the fruit company’s business — an iWatch. Out of Google Glass and the iWatch, which one will be more popular?

Well, that is impossible to tell until both products are released, but All Things D has taken a humorous approach to the Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch debate and has created a comic. This obviously isn’t a serious Google Glass and iWatch comparison because for one the Google Glass hasn’t even been released yet, and two the Apple iWatch hasn’t even been confirmed. Regardless, the arguments both products throw against each other are somewhat true.

 Apple iWatch Versus Google Glass

I think it might be time for a new Epic Rap Battle, what do you think?

On the lines of Google Glass, Joy Of Tech have made another comic that I couldn’t help, but share with you. Essentially this comic outlines how people will react to you in the workplace if you bought Google Glass. Day 1 would obviously be filled with “wows”, “whoas” and “cools”, day 2 would be the calm before the storm, and after day 3 things would start to go downhill.

Google Glass First Impression Comic

On a serious note, which product would you be more interested in? Google Glass or Apple iWatch? Let us know your answer in the comments section below.

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  • JadenEllett

    Let’s get some answers folks! Personally I would be more interested in an Apple smartwatch because as cool and functional as wearing a headset might be, I think it would become an annoyance. Additionally, it will be some time before it becomes “socially acceptable” if you will. Meaning where people aren’t going to stare at you and wonder what the hell you are wearing.

  • fteoOpty64

    Neither, both are lame!. People already have minimalist watches they wear for years that are perfect for the job. No need to read words off it! Or hear sounds off the darn thing. Just a microsecond glance and you got the gist of what time it is.

    As for Glass, it is too intrusive and can be potentially dangerous to some people especially when driving. Best to point the phone to a scene and see the status data on the screen.No need for continuous notifications to popup and distract from what one is doing. Both are fail and needed a way to charge the batteries which would be a major inconvenience daily.

  • Michael Scott Allen

    The Smartphone eliminated my need for a watch. I’ll be damned before I strap another one on, and I already wear glasses so Google is out too.

    Basically, you’re reporting on a fight that doesn’t exist between two products nobody wants.

    Slow Monday?