Rumors Point To A 2014 Apple TV Debut, Initial Test Production Is Apparently Underway

Although it is unlikely that Apple will release a holographic TV anytime soon, the fruit company is expected to release a TV between 46 and 55 inches by 2014. According to an employee of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. — the company which owns Foxconn — initial testing of Apple’s television sets have gotten underway.

It looks like we won’t be able to expect the iTV to go on sale in 2013 however, as the anonymous source said to Focus Taiwanit is unlikely that shipments will begin at the end of 2013.” Meaning the Apple TV will be released hopefully in Q1 of 2014, but this could easily be pushed back farther.

It was predicted that that the Apple TV could be showcased at the well-know internal consumer electronics show. If you know anything about Apple though, it is unlikely that this will happen. The fruit company rarely makes appearances at evens like these.


The Apple TV we all want, but will never get. Concept by Samuel Lee Kwon.

The actual panels of the TV will come from Sharp, who is a Foxconn partner, but they will also come from other Japense or Taiwanese suppliers. Focus Taiwan’s source said “we have not yet confirmed the LCD panel supply source with our client.”

Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Brian Williams on Rock Center that the TV is an area of intense interest for Apple. This statement should not be taken lightly as it made it clear that Apple definitely is working on revolutionizing the television. Like many products being worked on by Apple behind the scenes however, hopefully it is not scrapped.

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