The Apple iPad VS Google Nexus 7 Drop Test, Who’s The Winner? [VIDEO]

Finally, a drop test between the new iPad and the even newer Google Nexus 7. We love watching drop test videos, not just because it’s fun to watch expensive gadgets breaking, cracking etc, but also to find out which is more durable.

Apple iPad vs Google Nexus 7 Drop Test

Google announced its first ever tablet, the Nexus 7 manufactured by ASUS, at Google I/O last month. It has a 7 inch screen, amazing hardware, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and comes at a great price. However, it’s no Apple iPad. The iPad is like the benchmark when it comes to tablet devices and no one, so far, has come even close to dethroning it.

SquareTrade, a warranty provider, decided to see which of these tablets would survive a set of industry standard tests. The new iPad and the Nexus 7 was put through three tests to see how durable they are. The first test being a drop test from chest height, the second being a drop test from tabletop height and the third being a swim test. In the first test the iPad landed on its edge, taking a lot of damage to its display, but the Nexus 7 survived with minimum scuffs to its back. In the second test too the iPad sustained more damage than the Nexus 7. Finally, the third test also proved the Nexus 7’s better durability, as it worked without any problems after being submerged in a tub, whereas the iPad’s speakers stopped working. Watch the video below and you could also take home a free Nexus 7!

One cannot avoid such situations, hence it’s best that you always have your tablet wrapped in a case. The iPad is made of aluminium and glass, whereas the Nexus 7 is mostly made up of plastic, which would explain less damage to its body. SquareTrade had also done a drop test between the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III!

Ever dropped your tablet? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Noy Kedem says:

    I don’t think this is a fair drop test… The iPad was dropped on its screen in the first two tests rather than the Nexus 7 hit the back more… A better test to do would be to have both devices face down and dropped like that, that would show a better result as both devices would hit the same area and the results would be more fair for both devices. As for the water test, impressive for the nexus 7 but I think the touch got ruined a little as he tried tapping on something there but it didn’t function, I do’t know… Overall I think the test should be done more fairly next time.

  2. Liu Zhenyu says:

    Total Bullshit test where those idiots waste thousands of bucks to prove a non-scientific and retarded test, The iPad was clearly buffering thus had no sound. The noob fandroid clearly doesn’t know how to use an apple product. If u don’t believe me why is the video not playing like it did on the nexus? have an iPad.

  3. FuckApple says:

    I think these people doing the test for the SquareTrade are morons only one person should do the test and they are showing 2 different ppl doing the test well thats not an issue like
    Noy Kedem said iPad was dropped on its screen first i cant be bothered taking Screenshots and proving that the height wasnt equal and the way it was dropped wasnt fair,

    @SquareTrade:disqus  Fuckin Morons let the smaller version of iPad come out and then its better to test as Nexesus is a small piece of shit compared to iPad its like you are dropped a LCD 14 inch and dropped LCD  7 inch and saying see the 7 inch didnt break HAHAHA

  4. wow what idiots, firstly, two completely different sizes can make a huge difference in results, and second, the iPad was obviously buffering because generally the speakers aren’t the first thing to go when something is water damaged.

  5. Hot_bik says:

    fuck up nexux, u hav not any idea , box packing is same, modle is same, u dont any idea or any work, creat ur own idea , 

  6. I’m sure an iPad 7″ won’t break. Bigger screen = more likely to break.

  7. it was a good test, but please make the same drop, such as dropping on the edge for both, smaller device is better when it comes to drop or fell. coz smaller=lighter… just like an ant. you can threw it from level30 even 100 still the ant wont be dead..

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