Apple Television To Arrive In November 2013, Says Analyst

If we had a betting pool on whether analysts’ predictions would come true or not, we’d have to give this one pretty long odds: analyst Gene Munster says he can predict that the Apple all-in-one TV we’ve been hearing about will arrive in November of 2013. Earlier in the year, he predicted that the new TV would be announced this December, and become available in the first half of 2013. That estimate has now been revised to a later date.

Apple Working On The iTV

To be clear, this rumored all-in-one TV from Apple, which would include not only an actual television, but also the streaming functionality of the current Apple TV box, still hasn’t even been confirmed to exist. Apple hasn’t said a peep about it, there’s been no leaks with any solid evidence, and no hardware details revealed by the upstream supply chain. Despite this, Munster gave the TV the November 2013 slot on his predicted Apple product road map, which according to Business Insider looks like this:

  • March 2013: iPad Mini with Retina display, update the little Apple TV box, allowing to do accept apps from developers, and some sort of iTunes radio product.
  • June 2013: WWDC brings us previews of iOS 7, and OSX, as well as MacBook Airs with Retina displays. Look for Jony Ive’s influence over iOS to start showing up here.
  • September 2013: iPhone 5S, a “modest upgrade” from the iPhone 5. The iPad Mini gets a specs bump, and we get a new iPad, which is totally redesigned to look more like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.
  • November 2013: An Apple TV comes out. It should cost $1,500-$2,000 and come in sizes from 42-inches to 55-inches.

While it’s an entirely plausible prediction, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much evidence to support it at this point. We’ll believe it when we see it.

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  • Jfvjcclckvvvvkvkvkvk

    I dont think its going to be called 5s since the s in 4s was for siri

  • f46607

    NO. The “S” is for speed. They’ve been doing this since the iPhone 3GS.