Apple Continues To Advance Medical Sensor Technology In Consumer Devices As It Goes On A Hiring Raid

It is without a doubt that the next generation of technology will have a huge focus on wearables. In other words technology that is directly attached to us. Examples of this technology today include smartwatches (usually fitness tracking devices) and of course Google Glass. But just what are some other pieces of technology we can look forward to besides fitness trackers?

According to 9To5Mac Apple is currently cherry picking the best scientists and specialists in the medical sensor field.


One of these recent hires was a scientist by the name of Nancy Dougherty, who was the hardware lead at startup Sano Intelligence. At Sano, Dougherty was working on a sensor-laden transdermal patch that would measure the metabolic profile of your blood. Although this might seem strange, and slightly creepy think about diabetics who regularly test their blood. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the iWatch had this same functionality?


Other hires suggest Apple is looking into iris scanning and other biometric technologies. Despite the fact we are still in the early days of innovation in the field of medical sensor technology,  it’s exciting that Apple is exploring this technology to figure out how it can be implemented in everyday consumer products to benefit our lives.

So hurry up Apple, I want to be able to place a contact lens in my eye and access the internet or at least a HUD connected to my smartphone… who else is with me?

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