Apple CEO Tim Cook Tours Foxconn Plant While In China

Tim Cook has been credited to the success of Apple’s supply chain management, and has lately been defending the company’s working conditions in their Foxconn plants in China. In an unprecedented move, that the past CEO Steve Jobs would never have done, Tim Cook actually toured one of the new iPhone manufacturing sections of a Foxconn plants.

Courtesy of iFeng, we have a couple pictures of Tim Cook’s tour throughout the plant and even stopping by a couple workers on the iPhone line.

Even though I am fairly confident that the plant knew of this tour and had more than enough time to ensure everything was in order. What do you think this sort of gesture tells you about his commitment to worker safety and working conditions? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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  • Benjamin

    This action in itself says nothing except that he is concerned with Apple’s image. I don’t think Foxconn employees are jumping off the roof due to a lack of CEO visits.