Apple Borrows Google’s “20%” Strategy, Gives Employees Time To Work On Other Projects

The stories of Google’s unconventional human resources tactics have been spread far and wide, and the strategy has been praised as a big part of the reason Google is able to be as innovative as they are. One of the biggest elements of Google’s approach to managing their staff is the “twenty percent” program, which mean that their staff is allowed to spend twenty percent of their time at work working on projects that aren’t their main focus. It can be pretty much whatever they want it to be, and it’s led to a lot of pretty out-of-left-field projects being released by Google.

It looks like another American tech giant wants a piece of that action now, as Apple is reportedly introducing a similar system for their own employees. Business Insider reports that Apple will be giving some of its employees two weeks worth of time to pursue other projects, in a similar manner to Google’s 20% program.

The program will apparently be much less extensive than Google’s to start with, as only a small selection of employees will be included for now. Nonetheless, it’s a sign that Tim Cook might be changing up the way Apple operates, and in ways that might bring about much more innovation that the fairly rigid corporate structure that Apple currently has.

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