Sales Of Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Banned In U.S. Due To Apple Winning Injunction Against Samsung

Only a few days ago we told you that Apple won a major victory against Samsung for banning the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States. The only thing Apple had to do in order to make this injunction effective was to post a $2.6 million bond, which they did yesterday.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

According to Reuters today Judge Koh has also granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Google and Samsung’s popular Galaxy Nexus smartphone; marking the fruit companies second big legal win this week. The only thing needed to make this ban against the sales of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the United States is a bond of over $95 million ($95,637,141.60 to be exact). This is to secure payment of damages sustained by Samsung should the injunction be deemed a wrongful decision later.

Judge Koh has made the following statement during Friday’s ruling:

Apple has made a clear showing that, in the absence of a preliminary injunction, it is likely to lose substantial market share in the smartphone market and to lose substantial downstream sales of future smartphone purchases and tag-along products

Apple will surely post the required $95 million bond as soon as possible to make this injunction come into effect. What do you think about Apple banning the sales of both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus in the United States? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Bonzai

    I have an iPhone and love it, but Apple – as a company – can suck my juicy dick.

  • Carl

    This is getting pathetic. People should be allowed to chose between the products. I think that if they had any confidence in their products, they would realize that they do not need to eliminate the competition, as their phones should already be selling themselves.

  • Pee

    Really? If Nexus have nothing to hide they will win big, Apples got a lot of money.  But if they infringed on Apple’s more than 200 pattens then, that means they took a big gamble and will lose big.  Let justice decide, nothing pathetic about that.

  • Carl

    Almost all of the patents used by Apple in this injunction are against Android features, as apposed to Samsung’s phone. When asked about the matter, an Apple spokeswoman said that there was blatant copying of the design and look. So, any phone with a glass screen and four corners looks like an Iphone? I would find it pretty difficult the confuse the two.

  • Dencimm

    post a 2.6 million bond” – edit any?

  • Gna

    as bonzai said.

    its a kind of nursery school what they do in law

  • Eclipsesg

    Apple get out of the Court room and compete with the market  

  • Haina

    iPhone was the first phone which was all glass to respond to multi-touch by using just your fingers. So yes, any phone with glass screen and four corners with multi-touch capability is a copy.

  • RJ

    This is just retarded, could USA change their fucked up patent-system already, your slowing down technology-progression as a whole, on a global scale. Can’t wait for the day when ppl suddenly wake up and realize, what the hell were we thinking letting corps. dev. the tools for our daily digital side of life. Tools which you can’t replace with anything, nor borrow to a friend or alter the way you want it, as its illegal. Blargh..

    / upset Ubuntu-user.

  • JadenEllett

    Fixed, thanks!