PSA: Apple’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Is Online Now

Like most of us, you’re probably still dreading the though of beginning your Christmas shopping, and will probably procrastinate on it until sometime in mid-December. If you’re one of those eager beavers who actually “plans ahead,” you might already be working on filling your gift list. If so, Apple has some gadgets they would like to share with you.

The politically correct “holiday” gift guide from Apple is online as of today, and has (as you’d expect) a host of Apple devices and peripherals for them. It’s not all Apple’s own products, though; they’ve got stuff from B&W, Bose, Logitech and others in here. Of course, a lot of the products contained in the gift guide are things you should most definitely not buy for anyone you want to still be friends with you (I’m looking at you, USB-powered electric guitar), but there’s also some pretty cool gadgets on offer.

Bottom line: if you have friends who already own a lot of Apple products and want to get them peripherals for those products, check this out. If you don’t, you can probably ignore Apple’s gift suggestions, as they pretty much all revolve around crap you can plug into your Mac or iPhone.

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