Android VS. iOS Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

Security and privacy have always been of major importance on the Internet, personal computers and mobile devices. As the number of mobile devices increased, the security threat went up a fold too. However, recent development in software and mobile operating systems have made these devices less vulnerable to malware attacks than personal computers and laptops. The two major mobile OS leaders in the world today are, Apple and Google, with their iOS and Android mobile platforms. Both are good for their own reasons and even though they have flaws, new updates keep coming to get everything fixed and make them more secure and user friendly.

As far as security is concerned, we believe iOS is much more secure than Android. You can find out how with the help of the Infographic below. The graph is based on the differences and similarities in security between iOS and Android.

This Infographic doesn’t really tell you what is better, but it does explain the main differences between iOS and Android security. What do you think is more secure? iOS or Android? Comment below…

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  1. Waschenko3 says:


  2. AndroidIsEpic says:

    Android has an antivirus, iOS doesn’t.¬†

  3. ANdroidSUCK says:

    don’t u know that~antivirus make ur phone lag and slow?lol~~what the noob~

  4. 1. antivirus software is a confession of failure!!!
    2. FANDROID (WTF – antivirus software for a MOBILE DEVICE?!?!?!!!! *puke*)

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