Android And iOS Market Share Growing, BlackBerry And Symbian Continue Falling

The latest smartphone market share numbers from ComScore are out, and it’s about what you’d expect. iOS and Android devices are continuing to gobble up more market share, with Android now controlling more phones than all other operating systems combined.

Apple’s iOS continues to hold down second place, and continues to expand steadily. The biggest loser is BlackBerry, who has lost a whopping 15% of their market share between February and May.

On the hardware manufacturer side, Samsung is leading the way with 25.7% of the market using their phones. Surprisingly, LG is in second, though Apple appears to be gaining on them quite quickly.

Motorola is getting hit the hardest here, though that’s probably not a big deal for their parent company Google. Many have speculated that Google acquired Motorola purely for their patent portfolio, and have minimal interest in the company itself. HTC and LG are also both losing ground to Apple in a major way.

Another interesting thing to note: usage of virtually every smartphone function that requires data increased.

From downloading apps, to Facebook, to simply using a browser, the usage numbers for all data-related features increased across the board. The sharpest rise was in people using their phone as a music player, which probably has a lot to do with previous-gen iPhones getting super cheap these days. A lot of iPods are likely collecting dust, with iPhone 3GSs and the like taking up duty as the primary music player.

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