Amazon PrimeAir Will Make 30 Minute Deliveries A Reality Using Robotic Drones

Amazon Prime allows you to get things delivered to you overnight for just $3.99 as long as you pay the $99 fee every year, and although its fast is there a way it could be improved?

Of course! Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos said in an interview on 60 Minutes last night that it’s PrimeAir. A brand new service where Amazon will deliver your goods to you via drones within half-an-hour.

No this isn’t Sci-Fi folks.

Bezos shared that the project has already advanced pretty far in the R&D stage, Bezos says that PrimeAir’s armada of drones could do quick and light deliveries within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon Shipment Center.

Obviously the drones wouldn’t be shipping Kayaks, but anything like an iPhone or iPad that weighs under a pound would be fair game.

Drones are a much better alternative to delivering light weight items as they are much quicker and eco-friendly because they don’t gulp down gasoline, they’re entirely electric.

Unfortunately even though the technology would allow these drones to launch in 2014, it won’t debut until at least 2015. Bezos says that once you account for FAA approval, PrimeAir is probably four or five years out, and safety is a big concern: “This thing can’t land on someone’s head,” says Bezos.

Can you imagine 30 minute deliveries on online goods?

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  • Bart

    nice – but what about lost package insurance?

  • Jonathan

    Or lost drones? xD

  • Ethyn Resausk

    This one esp.