9 Changes In iOS 7 Beta 5 That Are Worth Your Attention

iOS 7 beta 5 was released earlier this morning and along with every new beta comes a whole host of slight UI changes and sometimes added features. In the case of iOS 7 Beta 5 there weren’t quite as many changes as iOS 7 beta 4, but there are still some ones worth bringing to your attention. Below is 9 changes in the latest iOS 7 beta 5 that are worth concerning yourself with.

iOS 7 Beta 5 Changelog

1. Re-Designed Icons In Settings: The Settings app is now home to re-designed icons. In the original version of the Settings app icons didn’t have a background and were more symbols. Now Apple has actually added a background to the symbols.

Re-Designed Icons In Settings

2. Disable Control Center: Apple has made it so you are able to disable the Control Center inside applications, which will be useful if you ever find it is interrupting the use of apps.

Disable Control Center

3. Re-Designed Twitter Icon: In the sharing menu the Twitter icon has now been re-designed.

Re-Designed Twitter Icon

4. White Reboot Screen: If you have a white iOS device then the reboot screen will now be white instead of black. Although subtle this is a design changes that makes total sense. Additionally the setup screen is now also white or black depending on your device (image via thechungster).

White Reboot Screen

5. New Slide To Power Off UI: The Slide To Power Off UI now matches the look and feel of iOS 7.

New Slide To Power Off UI

6. Unlocking Sound Gone: Surprisingly the unlocking sound is missing in iOS 7 beta 5. We are not sure whether this was done on purpose or whether it will come back in beta 6.

7. Subtle Animation/Blur Improvements: Apple has tweaked the blur and transparency across the entire UI and animations are now smoother than ever.

8. New Phone Buttons: In the Phone apps in-call screen the buttons have been re-designed.

New Phone Buttons

9. Banner Notifications: Banner Notifications now have a new pull-down UI (image via CultOfMac).

Banner Notifications

Those were the main changes that I could pick out over beta 4. If you know of others be sure to note them in the comments section below.

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  • darren

    Pretty much improvement. But Slide to power off UI is unbalanced to what is in the background.

  • Manaf

    to match the feel of iOS 7, the background needs to be blurred when the slide to power off comes on

  • http://WorldstarHipHop.com/ Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Looks only diff icons to me still same as iOS6…

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    Wow, you should actually try it out.

  • http://WorldstarHipHop.com/ Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Naw to lazy for that I just wait till the full version comes and the jailbreak too then I get it.

  • hello

    uh if u are gonna jailbreak then there is no need to update

  • Lokio

    The lock sounds aren’t missing, their just disabled by default in the sounds tab in settings.

  • Benlego65

    Enabled by default.
    Plus it’s only locking, not UNlocking.

  • john smith

    I see you left ijailbreak

  • Oliver Ventor

    Lock screen and home screen text now changes colour based on wallpaper (but it has to be a really light wallpaper before it goes black). This is also shown in the colour of the text of the clock when previewing your wallpaper.

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    Yeah, I was a bit too busy. Now working on Litecoin rigs, a webstore and building a custom parallax device as power as a super computer for a fraction of the cost and more efficient and smaller.

  • Mahdi

    One of the changes i found is that the “+” is back in the app store to show that the app is available for ipad only or iphone and ipad

  • Luca EeWee Ciminelli

    Does it brew good coffee, too?

    Sorry, lad, couldn’t resist :D

  • http://WorldstarHipHop.com/ Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Well the only reason I will update is that Im tired of the same design since iphone 1.

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    Sadly, as of now… No.
    But maybe we could work out a way, just need to ask me dad if I could burrow the coffee vending machine from his shop.

  • Luca EeWee Ciminelli

    May I qualify as coffee-quality tester? My references are that I’m Italian and we are grown with espresso :)