250 New Emojis Could Be Available In A Future iOS Update

If you’re an emoji person, you’ll be happy to know that a future iOS update could come with 250 new emojis. The Unicode Consortium released Unicode 7.0 yesterday, which adds around 250 new emojis and a total of 2.834 characters. This includes new currency symbols for the Russian ruble and Azerbaijani Manat, 23 lesser-used historic scripts and other new characters.


The above image shows us what some of these new emojis look like and have been mainly adapted from the Wingdings and Webdings fonts. Some examples of what you’ll see are:

  • Cloud with Rain
  • Fog
  • Control Knobs
  • Golfer
  • Chipmunk
  • World Map
  • The Middle Finger and many more!

Member platforms such as iOS and Android will have to add all these new emojis and support the new Unicode 7.0 standard. Emojis are basically pictographs that were mainly used in the Japanese culture, but is now being used across the world to depict contexts etc.

This means that a future iOS update or even the final version of iOS 8 could come with these new emojis. Unicode 7.0 also adds support for new written languages of North America, China, India, Africa and other Asian countries. You can read more about Unicode 7.0 here. The full list of all the new emojis can be found here.

Do you use emojis and emoticons a lot when you’re type? Are you happy that there are more?

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