Refreshed Thunderbolt Display With USB 3.0, MagSafe 2 And Fused LCD Display Coming Soon?

When Apple refreshed the iMac to feature a dramatically thinner design which reduced screen glare by up to 75 percent, it seemed likely that the company would eventually refresh their Thunderbolt display with the same technology. It looks like this may happen shortly as according to AppleInsider major resellers such as Amazon, J&R and MacMall are currently out of stock of the Thunderbolt display.

You can think of the Thunderbolt display as essentially an iMac without any of the hardware computing components. The current Thunderbolt display being offered is actually pretty outdated, as it still contains the original MagSafe cable. As you probably are aware, Apple employs the MagSafe 2 cable in its latest Mac computers and as such it ships a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter with every Thunderbolt display for compatibility.

As mentioned previously, it is likely that Apple will also refresh the Thunderbolt display with the new technology featured in the late-2011 iMacs. This includes fusing the LCD to the front glass.

2013 Thunderbolt Display Refresh

Due to production issues with the iMac’s display however, Apple could hold off on releasing the refreshed Thunderbolt display until they are caught up. The biggest priority for Apple is catching up with the demand for its iMac lineup.

One report last week claimed that Apple and LG have only been able to produce about 100,000 27-inch iMacs per month. Apple’s online store continues to advertise that new orders of the 27-inch iMac ship in three to four weeks.

One last upgrade that Apple might consider for the Thunderbolt display is its ports. Considering Apple started offering USB 3.0 ports in its 2012 Macs, this upgrade could make sense for the Thunderbolt display. USB 3.0 offers transfer rates up to 5 Gbps, compared to just 480 Mbps for USB 2.

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  • Jackson

    What Apple *needs* to do is stop pandering this USB2.0 crap with the Lightning Connector… USB 3 or bust.