Apple Could Plan On Releasing A 15-Inch Macbook Air In April [Rumor]

It is no question that the Macbook Air was a game changing laptop when it was released, and has left competitors scrambling to make something that can compete with its nature. Now, it looks like the Macbook Air is set to replace the Macbook Pro lineup, as according to ElectricPig, a 15-inch Macbook Air will be released by Apple in April. This new 15-inch Macbook Air is said to contain ports on both sides with no optical drive and no Ethernet cable.

The news comes from a “a premium Mac accessory maker,” which ElectricPig talked to at the Computers Unlimited Exposed show in London yesterday. Although the companies name that they talked to was not highlighted, they are apparently a key player in Macbook docking solutions. Meaning they more-than-likely would have to have some knowledge of new products from Apple before they are released.

15 inch Macbook Air

Personally I think a 15″ Macbook Air would be a great idea and it would correspond to some of the rumors circulating the web over the last month or so. I do not believe however, that Apple will be completely replacing the Macbook Pro lineup with Macbook Airs at this time though, as professionals rely on the higher specs available in Macbook Pros.

Let us know your thoughts about a proposed 15-inch Macbook Air coming in April in the comments section below…

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