10 Companies Apple Has Acquired This Year And What The Acquisitions Mean

On Apple’s third quarter 2013 financial earnings call CEO Tim Cook said that the company had made 15 acquisitions in 2013. Although Apple typically tries to keep these acquisitions quite Dealogic has managed to track down 10 of the companies purchased by Apple this year. And when you look at the companies Apple has purchased it shows Apple is focussing on Maps, Chips and Data collection.


In regards to mapping it looks like Apple is seeking out 21st century cartographers, on the chips front Apple is looking to help its product function more powerfully using less memory and finally Apple seems to have interest in companies that show what you’re doing online and why you’re doing it.


  • WiFiSLAM. It’s a mapping company that figured out how to track a user’s location indoors.
  • HopStop.com. Riders of the NYC subway system know this one. It helps a commuter plot travels around New York City (and now other cities) via public transit.
  • Locationary. The Canadian startup has been described as a “Wikipedia for location.”
  • Embark. It’s another app that helps commuters navigate mass transit.


  • Passif Semiconductor. The startup built chips to help wireless devices use less power and battery life.
  • PrimeSense (listed as pending by Dealogic). Forbes described the Israeli company’s chips as potential “eyes” for Siri that create 3D sensors in devices.
  • AlgoTrim. This Swedish company doesn’t make chips,  but its software helps devices run reams of data more efficiently by using less memory with its “compression technology.”


  • Topsy. The startup analyzes conversations on Twitter to measure “exposure.”
  • Matcha.tv. The company offers proprietary online video recommendations.
  • Cue. The company has software to turn the data in an iPhone or iPad into a personal assistant.

It will be interesting to see how all these companies affect Apple in 2014 and onwards. Leave any predictions in the comments section below.

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