Windows 8 Upgrade Price To Be Raised After January 31st, Windows 8 Preview Users Face Other Consequences

Microsoft have finally expired the official early previews of their latest OS, Windows 8, of which have appeared in May 2011, although that was a leaked first copy of Windows 8. The first official preview of Windows 8 however, was released in September, (the Developer Preview), followed by a February 2012 release, in the form of a Consumer Preview. The Developer Preview was originally set to expire in February 2012, at the same time as the Consumer Preview was released, although this was extended to the 15th January 2013, the same expiration date as the Consumer Preview.

The Windows 8 metro interface home screen

The Windows 8 metro interface home screen

Microsoft are also said to be cutting the very cheap upgrade price form older versions of Windows to Windows 8. Prices that are still $40 this month for Windows 8 Pro or just Windows 8 upgrades, are now going up to $200 for the Pro version, and $120 for the standard copy of Windows 8. These prices are going to go up on the 1st February, and they are significantly more than the ones that are still in use this month. If you are likely going to upgrade to Windows 8 future, I would definitely recommend doing it before this month is over, as there is no going back for the discount.

But what are the actual consequences facing users who are still using the Preview versions of Windows 8? If they do not upgrade for $40, or buy a new serial key, their computer will restart every two hours. I can tell you from experience that this gets extremely annoying when you are trying to work on something. The operating system at least has the grace to warn you five or ten minutes before the restart, to allow users to save their work.

Windows 8 logo landscape-ijailbreak

Although I will not be upgrading to Windows 8, I would advise you to, as after January the price tag will become rather more daunting, and if you are still on one of Microsoft‘s previews like me, the two hour restarting does become extremely irritating and tiresome when you are working on something.

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  • Michael Jay Delaney

    I had the preview back in 2011. i played with it for maybe a week and promptly returned to Windows 7 where I am now. I have absolutely no intention of upgrading. Windows 8 is ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Kevin Lin

    With some mods you can get back some features from win7, it’s okay, not completely horrible.

  • Dani Hayes

    I might buy it for $40 just in case.

  • Fred Hill

    That’s a good idea, you will regret it if you end up having to pay the full price.

  • Jeremy Andrews

    Why would Google reneg on the reasonable price tag??? I was just thinking I’d finally go ahead and upgrade, especially considering Windows 8 is required for development of Windows Phone 8 apps, but then saw the new price and said “screw that”! Come on, Microsoft; Mac releases their superior operating systems for a fraction of your price, so what’s the deal?